Neumann - AKG - Beyer - Soundtracs - Tascam - Crown - Sennheiser - dbx - Mackie - Shure - Alesis - and more...

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Computer & Software: Pro-level MIDI and digital audio recording, sequencing, editing, and sheet-music printing, including...

We're one of the few mobile studios offering automated mixing in both analog and digital formats!

Microphones and Mic Preamps
This is where most other studios cut corners. Not Us. At NOVA you'll use world-class tube, solid-state, condenser, ribbon, dynamic and transformerless units. The improvement in sound quality will amaze you!

Mics: Pre-amps/DI's:
Neumann U87
Sennheiser 421
Beyerdynamic M600
Audio-Technica 4031 (2)
Shure SM58 & 918 (2),
Hohner 'Blue Bullet'
FMR Really Nice Preamp (2-ch.)
Presonus preamps (8-ch.)
PLUS Soundtracs and Mackie
Console preamps...


Monitoring:  World-renowned studio standards!

Instruments/Amps/Sounds:  Thousands of them - from real acoustic to the unimaginable!

Effects include exciters, pitch correction, time correction, enhancers, compressors, noise gates, graphic and parametric equalizers, reverb, echo, phasers, flangers, chorus, vocoders, wah-wah, distortion (tube, solid-state, and digital!), pitch transposition, and more. From vintage analog to 32-bit digital, both hardware and software, we've got it all...

Hardware Software
FMR Audio RNC1173 
dbx 160x
ART SGX2000 Multi-Effects,
ART VLA Tube compressor
White Instruments 4100a EQ,
BBE enhancers (2), and more.
Creamware Pulsar Software
Native instruments
Sonic Foundry


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