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Now you can hear samples of our high-quality work via the web. Just read the descriptions and click on the title of the clip you'd like to hear. And remember: We made these to please our other clients. If the one you click isn't your style, we can help you make one that is...

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Song Title Artist Name Length Description
Baila Esta Cumbia Avatar 0:48 Hot Latin/Tex-Mex 7-piece band
Down By The Ocean Tide Ceol Sean 1:15 Slow Acoustic Irish Instrumental
You Can't Take The Bass Mere Image 1:18 Hard Rock/Metal
Broken And Spilled Out John & Janice Rimer 1:11 Contemporary Pop Gospel
One Day Too Late Matt Zehm 1:22 Boy-band Pop Ballad
New Flesh Greenhouse 1:02 80's Pop-Rock
Do About You Teri Church 1:06 Contemporary Country Pop
Talk That Mess David Miramontes 0:30 Rap with a Latin flava
Meant To Last (Karaoke Version) Nick Eggmann 0:59 Slow R&B Ballad a la Janet J...
So Not In Love Spiral 1:07 Rockin' Alt/Punk/Pop

All MP3s are in Mono, unless otherwise specified. MP3 compression will negatively affect the recording. This means that our recordings are even higher quality than what you will hear...