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Nova Music Productions offers both public and private instruction. Public classes are offered through Pima Community College Community Campus, and are described below. Advanced private instruction is offered at your convenience for all levels and for all subjects and career paths, including performance, songwriting, engineering, and more.  

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Hit Songwriting Secrets (MU220) 6 weeks - $99 – 7:15pm-9:30pm
Songwriters...Singers...Bands...Why is that song a hit, but mine isn’t? How can I make my songs better? Learn secrets of fundamental professional techniques to make any song more appealing - and more likely to be a hit. The class will cover many subjects including song structure, lyrics, rhyming, meter, rhythm, melodies, chord structure, hooks, copyrights, royalties, demo tapes and more. Students will have the option of presenting a song of their own creation for a free evaluation at the end of the course. See course schedule below.

NEW! Live Sound School (MU311) 3 weeks - $79 – 6:45pm-9:15pm
Bands! Churches! Singers! Performers! Tired of feedback at live gigs? Wondering why you can't hear the singer? Frustrated because you can't make the PA system work right? Want to improve your live sound? Learn what you need to know about choosing and setting up microphones, loudspeakers, monitors, and more. We will also cover venues, types of equipment and power issues. See course schedule below.

Star Singer’s Recording Workshop (MU 310)  4 weeks - $99 - 6:45-9:15 pm.
Today's "American Idols" -
How do they break through to recording contracts and fame? Our students have gone on to American Idol and recording and management contracts. Learn valuable secrets of preparation, rehearsal, studio techniques, and career direction with an experienced record producer. You’ll receive a finished copy of your vocal performance (CD optional). Don’t just sing – learn what it takes to become a recording artist! Bring your "Karaoke" type song on CD or cassette with music only. See course schedule below. Limited to 6 students.

Maximum MIDI (MU470)  6 weeks - $59 – 6pm-7pm
Does your new tech-toy have you confused? Can’t get everything to work together and play nice? Need to know more about your equipment? This course will help you understand synthesizers, drum machines, sound modules, samplers, keyboards, and other MIDI units. Computer-based hardware and software for sequencing is also covered, including Computer MIDI interfaces and sound cards. See course schedule below.

Making It In Music (MU501) 6 weeks - $59, 6:00-7:00 pm
Do you want to be a famous singer, rapper, or musician? Or do you want to be a songwriter, mixer, promoter, or manager? How do you climb the ladder to success in the Multi-billion dollar Music industry? Who are the people you’ll work with to help you reach your goals? How do you find them? Learn the details of getting started in various music careers, and techniques for getting and staying ahead of your competition. See course schedule below.

Studio Recording Workshop (MU510) 4 weeks - $149 - 6:45-9:15pm.
Get hands-on experience from a professional producer and engineer.
Learn how to plan, record, and mix a pre-selected demo song and use multitrack, computer, analog, and MIDI equipment like a pro. Proper recording of vocals and acoustic and other instruments will be featured. Mixdown, equalization, and use of special effects will also be included. Students will keep a copy of the final song mix. See course schedule below.

Private instruction is also available. Upcoming class schedule is as follows, subject to approval by Pima Community College:

MU510 - Studio Recording Workshop - 4 weeks - $149 - 6:45-9:15pm
Mondays starting 10/06/2008 and Tuesdays starting 11/18/2008.

MU330 - Live Sound School - 3 weeks - $79 - 6:45-9:15pm
Wednesdays starting 09/24/2008 and 11/05/2008.

MU220 - Hit Songwriting Secrets - 6 weeks - $99 – 7:15pm-9:30pm
Tuesdays starting 09/30/2008, and Mondays starting 11/03/2008.

MU310 - Star Singer’s Recording Workshop (MU 310)  4 weeks - $99 - 6:45-9:15 pm.
Private instruction only at this time.

MU501 – Music Business - 6 weeks, 6:00-7:00 pm $59
Tuesdays starting 09/30/2008.

MU470 - Maximum MIDI - 6 weeks, 6:00-7:00 pm $59
Mondays starting 11/03/2008.

Please remember that classes may be canceled unless a minimum number of people sign up. The best way to ensure sufficient enrollment is to tell your friends to take the course, too. Sign up thru Pima Community Education at 206-6468, or see our consultation rates for advanced private instruction rates. If you are attempting to sign up by telephone through Pima at 204-6468, but cannot get through, call David Miner at 206-6560 or Holly Soto at 206-6579. Students can also enroll by FAXing a completed enrollment form to 206-6556, or online at the Pima web site:  

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