We can't do it all by ourselves...
Nova Music Productions is accepting applications for intern positions. If you'd like a future in the exciting, fast-paced music business, get your foot in the door with us! You'll have an great opportunity to work in all phases of our recording, record label, music production, publishing, management, and promotion environments. All styles of music from Rock, Hip-hop, Alternative, R&B, C&W, Pop, Rap, New Age, and more. Flexible hours and possible free education for right applicant. You must have the following qualities:

Nova Music Productions Intern/Assistant Questionnaire - You must fill in answers to all questions below to be considered for internship. Failure to truthfully answer all questions will result in disqualification.

Full name:


Date of birth:

Home phone #:

Cell phone #:

Pager #:

Other phone #:

Email addresses:

Street address:

Do you have any children? If so, how many and what age(s)?

Marital status:

What transportation do you have regular access to?

What days and hours are you available?

Current employer:

Full or part time?

Current school enrollment:

Full or part time?

Music related skills (instruments, singing, software, hardware, etc.):

Music business related experience (jobs, groups, other internships, etc.):

Other skills and job experience:

Have you ever committed a felony or non-traffic misdemeanor? If so, give details.

Why do you want this position?

What are your music-related goals?

Are you able to relocate (live-in), by yourself, for this position?

Email this questionnaire and your resume to us here. Do NOT send attachments with emails.

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