Mission statement
Our goal at NOVA Music Productions is to advance our clients' musical careers by providing the highest quality recording, production, consultation, opinions, and management.

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Our Philosophy Years of experience in the music industry have repeatedly shown us the incredibly high level of quality necessary to get noticed. We’ll be honest: the competition is fierce and plentiful. ‘Pretty good’ is useless, ‘very good’ is not good enough, and ‘excellent’ is just a beginning. We can move you past excellent – toward ‘stunning’ - toward 'selling' - toward ‘signed’ - toward ‘airplay’.

Our full process assures quality every step of the way – beginning with song selection and rewriting, arrangement, and rehearsal. From there we'll guide you through performance, recording, and mixing. We'll finish with mastering, packaging, and duplication. We know the road to advancement, and we can show you the way.

Building a demo, an album, or a career in music is a lot like building a house. Do you want your house built without an architect, without a plan? A fresh coat of paint or new furniture won't save a sagging musical foundation. You don't want your music to live forever in poorly designed rooms, with bad lighting and windows that face a brick wall.

Other "studios" may tell you that anything you do is ‘groovy’, ‘awesome’, ‘ill’, 'beautiful’, ‘phat’, etc. In other words, they’ll say anything to keep taking your money. We won’t. If something is wrong, we’ll tell you. If you trust in us you’ll be rewarded with a finished professional project that you can be proud of for the rest of your life. Frankly, we’re not interested in making something just good enough for your family and a few friends. We want your project to pass the most important test - to 'knock the socks off' of people who’ve never heard of you.

A recording project is a lifetime investment, like a house. We can be your musical architect and builder. We know every step in the process. We have the experience to know exactly what needs to be done, the proper tools to get the job done, the knowledge to do it right, and the connections to take it to the next level. It's your life, and your dream - let us help you take your best shot!

This page last updated 07/21/06.