Ready to schedule a session? First you must bring us or send us 2 things: 

1) a deposit of at least $50, and, 
2) a signed copy of the agreement below.

Terms and Conditions March 23, 2005

In order to keep costs and rates down and ensure reliability and availability in a constantly changing world, we must enforce these terms and conditions for all clients. Please read this page carefully - scheduling of an appointment is a binding legal contract.

N O V A Music Productions - Terms and Conditions March 1 , 2003

Payment - Accepted forms of payment are Cash, US Postal Service Money Orders (made payable to Michael Wozniak), or Verified Paypal accounts from confirmed address only. CLIENT BEARS ALL RESPONSIBILITY TO ARRANGE FOR PROPER and TIMELY PAYMENT, and delivery thereof. Payment of balance due for services is due at beginning of session (or earlier to qualify for discount rates), and payment for materials is due at time materials are ordered. Nova will not be responsible for delays or missed deadlines or appointments due to absent, improper, incomplete, or overdue client payments or deposits for any reason, including non-delivery by any agent, including US Postal Service. A late payment fee of $25, plus 18% per year simple interest, will be added to any overdue balance.

Scheduling - Appointments are not accepted or scheduled until a sufficient deposit is received by Nova. Deposits on hand are required for all appointments. Any appointments moved between 1 and 3 hours by client will incur a fee of $25, unless move is initiated more than 48 hours prior to beginning of appointment. Appointments moved more than 3 hours or moved more than once are considered cancellations. Cancellations will result in loss of 100% of session deposit, or 50% of total session, whichever is greater. Fees are recoverable by Nova from any deposit. Habitual rescheduling or cancellation will result in termination of client project, and/or additional fees, at Nova’s discretion. Client is responsible for arrival at appointment at scheduled time and place. Late arrivals forfeit unused scheduled time and payment therefor. Client equipment setup time is limited to a period of 30 minutes immediately prior to prepaid session. Service charges start at beginning of scheduled session, or when engineer and/or producer begin their duties, whichever comes first.

Data Backup - Backup of client data will be performed as deemed necessary by Nova to prevent data loss. Costs of data backup will be paid for by client regardless of whether client is present at time of backup. Rates for data backup are normal NOVA rates in effect at time of backup, plus materials. Nova is not responsible for any data loss arising from client nonpayment, underpayment, negligence, or time restriction, or from acts of God, acts of War or Terrorism, loss of electricity, or other situations not controllable by Nova.

Copyright Issues - Client hereby accepts all legal and other responsibility for use of copyrighted intellectual properties, for any and all projects presented to or using the services of Nova. Client further represents and agrees that any obligations, financial or otherwise, pertaining to copyright issues, are client’s responsibility and NOT the responsibility of Nova. Client also hereby agrees to make all reasonable and necessary efforts to obtain permission to use any copyrighted intellectual properties from the copyright owners or other appropriate agents thereof, and to provide proof of same to Nova.

Materials - All materials (tapes, disks, computer files, packaging, etc.) will remain property of Nova until such time as all balances due are paid in full. There will be no exceptions. Nova will not be responsible for any client materials (including tapes, disks, media or personal belonings) left by client for any reason. Client assumes all risk.

Participation - Only direct participants in sessions are allowed in session unless previous specific permission has been granted by Nova. Persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Clients/guests are responsible for any and all damage they cause to persons, equipment, materials, or location. Nova reserves right to interrupt or terminate any appointment, at our discretion, due to any damaging or potentially damaging behavior. Any damage, interruption, or termination may result in client forfeiture of all deposits, and possible legal action.

Nova reserves the right to change any of these terms and conditions at any time, with or without notice.


I have read and I understand these terms and conditions:

X________________________________________ , client. Date:________________

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