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Recording - If you're a solo singer, rapper, voice talent, or group, we can find the sound you're looking for. We work with any style from hard rock to bluegrass to church choir. Use your acoustic, electric, and electronic or software instruments, or use ours.

Production  - We can find or write hit songs for you or work with your songs to make them the best they can be. We'll arrange, create, record, mix, and master all backing tracks for your project. We can help you plan, schedule, and organize your project - from first idea to final product.

Promotion and Booking - We can create your marketing campaign and hook you up with tours. We know to take care of the technical and contractual details for you.

Mixing/Remixing - We work with existing tracks in all standard formats in any combination, and at any stage. We can add live tracks, record new ones, and add more sounds and effects. Does your existing mix just not have the impact you want? We can improve it. 

Consultation/Instruction - We help you reach for the stars by showing you all the steps necessary to 'make it' in the music business. We'll advise you regarding any aspect of your music career - look, sound, style, moves, and attitude. We can guide you through the challenges. Click here for information on our classes and one-on-one services.

Live Concert Sound - Do you have an upcoming concert or other large event? Do you need planning, rental, set-up, and/or operation of PA and Sound Reinforcement systems? Small or Large, FOH, Monitors, Backline, even Emcees - We can handle everything for you. Click here for more info.

Songwriting - If you are a songwriter, and you aren't getting the commercial results you want, come to us. We teach professional songwriting techniques, collaborate, and help you re-write your songs. We provide expert guidance and feedback on songs, lyrics, poetry, and music at any stage of the creative process. We can also provide custom-writing for specific artists or genres.

Mastering - Even after your final mix is finished, we can master or re-master your tracks for extra 'polishing' to get that radio-ready sound. Let us also prepare your project for duplication or replication to CD, MP3, on-line internet streaming or other popular formats.

Musician's Referral - Do you sing, rap, play an instrument, or do professional voiceover work? Are you looking for someone who does? Do you want to be in a band? We can provide the connection between client and talent. Contact us with your resume or requirements.

Duplication and Transfer - We can import, transfer, export, and duplicate: Audio CD, Data CD, CDRW, DVD+, DVD-, DVD-RW, wave files, audio cassettes, MP3, DAT, ADAT, vinyl, and more. We also offer forensic audio services and enhancement and restoration of historical audio.

Yes, we can design your web site, too. If you don't see what you need listed, Contact us and ask - we probably do that, too...